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The family cabin is the traditional location for all Christmas dinners. Arriving after a long drive from the city through a snow storm, you find your family is missing. You must search the cabin and unravel this mystery.


WASD - Movement

F - Interact with objects (doors, drawers, keys, etc)

WARNING: Contains jump scares


Made in Unity in just 2 days for the Yogscast Game Jam 2020 under the theme "Surprise". Please leave any feedback in the comments.

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Rated 3.3 out of 5 stars
(27 total ratings)
AuthorHarry Newton
TagsChristmas, Exploration, Horror, Mystery, Spooky, weird


YGJamBuild.zip 30 MB

Install instructions

Unzip the folder and run the YGJam.exe file


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A fun Christmasy game

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good game

This was a fun short game! Nicely done.

Definitely an interest style to it.

Such a short little game but it was so fun! also I think I have the speedrun record now B) here's my playthrough of it if you're interested or you just wanna beat my record >:( it starts at 14:50!! Thank you!! 

brilliant game. had a lot of fun playing it

Not Bad

So basically santa chose murder and execution....good times good times

I liked the overall look of this game 

The video starts at 5:27

So, The Cabin, looks like our boy Santa hasn't had a happy Christmas at all and decided to murder everybody, sadly. Was a fun experience to play, felt a bit to short but that's alright, The key hunting and all was extremely easy and the jump scares I feel like could have been better, well the jump scares where well made its just the santa model wasn't scary at all haha. Overall though it was a fun experience! I don't get why there was so much meat in those presents though! WHO KNOWS! 

Yooo I loved ur game. I like the horror aspect and trying to find key after key. Also sorry if this is late I was trying to post this awhile ago but I guess better late then never. Keep up the great work



Me caguei todo em 2 minutos de gameplay KKAKAKA


Tried out your game...


i shat my butt

this video has all itch io games i made video on in 2020 including this one. I also wanna say thanks for the game and good luck for future projects. #hellofajourney 

my discord:



The first jumpscare got me too good! Awesome game, I absolutely loved the visual style. Here is my playthrough (starts at 4:07)


Game was pretty straightforward and it got a few jumps from me. Sensitivty was a bit high but it was still fun. Feel free to check out my gameplay~!


Great game well done 馃憤馃徎 and dashie also played it, 


At first I was confused about the gifts at the ending of the game. At first I thought it was just a part of the game to make it look scary. But, while I was editing the vod I was like "Oh, That's what I'm looking for isn't it?" I think it would be little bit spooky if right off the bat you could recognized it as them. 
when it comes to the puzzle of the game it was pretty easy which is good 'cause i suck at puzzles. the ending is...what you were expecting in a horror game like this. but anyways it was a pretty fun game. 

*I don't wanna spoil the game so i made my comment spoiler-free as I can (I hope I did a great job)

p.s game starts at 10:56

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Deleted 2 years ago

Short but very sweet game

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First game I played for my channel in a while- felt pretty good especially with this game!! Just realized what the ending meant haha.


Frosty's gone pyscho in this short horror game!


Jumpscares got me a few times, nice simplistic design, but felt like there was a hidden ending! Was hoping there was, but still a pretty fun short game! Here's my gameplay


I love the game and the design as well. Its too short tbh and not a lot of jumpscares. The puzzles are very easy which fits me pretty well! (Im bad at puzzles)

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Played this back on the 17th and really really liked it! I linked my video if anyone wants to check it out before playing! For being created in such a short time I thought it had some really fun jumpscares and simple puzzles! d('.')b


I'm super late to the party for this Christmas special, but better late than never right? Merry xmas guys and special thanks to the developers for making this short horror piece


i didn't expect this to be so scary the jumpscares are unexpected what a masterpiece :)


There's plenty room for more jump scares and a little more plot inside that cabin!! Got a nice spook inside the bedroom tho


Great game, got scared in like 2 mins LOL

Gameplay pour les Francophones !

Pretty neat game, nice scares. I tried to figure out how to get a different ending, but I'm not sure if you could really get a different one. I had fun playing it, though. Good stuff!

Please check out the video (Game starts at 0:10) and my channel: VladMan.

Thank you!


I got so many chickens, ehehe. That was fun. MAde you a lil video:


Fun though unoptimized. I tried to see if there were other ways to finish but it seems like it's all game overs - 2020 kinda game. If you wanna check out my gameplay >>>


Optimizasyon sorunu var!ve fare hassasl谋臒谋 kontrol edilemiyor. 


Great work dude Love the game, Keep up the work.


No Mr. Snowman please No!! (start 6:42)

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